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A lot of women these days dream of “following their bliss” and making a new life for themselves.  There are very few of those stories in the golf industry but Keri Murschell is one of them.  In 2003 she started keri golf, a company dedicated to high-quality and beautiful women’s golf bags.  Her story, like many other women’s, started with an episode of Oprah.

Before Keri was her own boss, she was in sales.  Successful and determined, she’d made a good living and enjoyed what she did, for the most part.  One afternoon though, she was  listening to Oprah discuss the need to follow one’s dream and to love what you do.  Keri’s mind immediately went to her lifelong passions of golf, travel, and fashion.  She drove that night to a local fabric store and started designing her first golf bag.

“I was frustrated by my golf bag buying experience and so I knew that I could make golf bags and accessories for women that would be much more feminine and fun,” says Keri.  It didn’t take long to realize to she was onto something, so Keri quickly changed careers and founded keri golf.

Adams Golf women's golf clubs

Adams Executive Set

A few years ago, Keri partnered with Adams Golf to create a limited edition set of golf clubs and bags for their growing women’s division.  “We really connected and complement each other very well,” says Keri.  Now, she is the Women’s Product Manager at Adams.  “What I do now is all encompassing.  I love being a part of all the moving parts and making sure it all runs smoothly and seamlessly.”

You can see Keri’s flair for function and style in the Adam’s sets.  The clubs have detailing that matches the bag and covers for an elegant consistency.  One of her smartest designs (we think) is the Adams Executive Set.  Designed for new or occasional golfers, it has seven clubs to help make golf club selection easier.

How has Keri’s life changed since she switched career paths?  “I truly love my partnership with Adams Golf and they are a huge part of my dreams coming true.  I am so lucky to work in an industry that is all about playing a game that is loved worldwide.  The work is definitely work but the end result is trying to make great products so people can enjoy the time away from all of life’s other distractions.”

Here are a few of Keri’s favorite things that keep her motivated and moving forward:

Favorite motto: “What you think, you become” and James Taylor’s “Secret of Life”

Role model:  Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo.  “I saw one of her speeches last year and whenever I feel challenged or in need of some motivation, I refer to her speech.”

What Keri can’t live without:  Her family

Favorite fashion designer:  Theory

Dream golf foursome:  Her funniest friends

Favorite golf accessory:  Her Adams hybrids


Images courtesy of Keri Murschell and Adams Golf.  Copyright 2012.  All rights reserved.  Featured image of Keri Murschell (left) and Christina Kim (right).


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