Tracey Lynn’s Founder Triumphs in Golf and in Life

I am a sucker for success stories where the protagonist digs deep for strength and courage then  leaps over her obstacles, leaving doubters in the dust.  There are more than a few of those stories in golf including Nancy Lopez and Babe Z.  But Tracey Blake’s, owner of Tracey Lynn Golf, especially struck me because what happened to her could have happened me or anyone else I know.  Her illness changed her life and her viewpoint on how to spend the time we have.

Just a few years ago, Tracey and her husband were running a profitable legal marketing business where Tracey was very comfortable running the back of the house.  It wasn’t very creative but she was good at it and enjoyed working with her husband of ten years.  When she wasn’t working, Tracey loved golfing, staying fit, and enjoying the life they had built in Denver.

Then the unthinkable happened.  Tracey became gravely ill and over a number of weeks lost feeling in her legs and arms, eventually becoming paralyzed from the neck down.  Doctors attributed her condition to Guillian Barre Syndrome, a disorder where a person’s immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system.  They think it erupted after a perfect storm of a flu vaccine and an allergic reaction to some medicine she was taking.  They had no idea however when or if she’d recover.

While on her back for three months, Tracey had a lot of time on her hands.   She thought about what she’d change if she had a second chance:  her relationships, her work, her priorities.   After many months of physical therapy,  she regained feeling in her body as well as her motor skills and eye-hand coordination.  During her recovery, Tracey became very clear that she had a commitment to keep – to step into the limelight and fulfill her dream of creating a line of women’s golf apparel.

Like many of us, Tracey had always been unsatisfied with the options available.  She craved clothing was easy and fit her athletic body and lifestyle.  So she set about making a clothing line that was easy to wear and easy to love.   The garments made with a wicking material that provides UV protection and are machine washable.  To satisfy the pickiest of us, she always buys the fabric from the same manufacturer so the “blacks match” and clients can mix and match collections.

women's golf apparel

American Rebel Collection

She’s been equally thoughtful in how the pieces work together.  Each collection has a theme of its own with some tamer pieces and some wilder ones, depending upon your style.  “The style is minimal,” says Tracey, “with a little flair.”   For example, the Grevy’s Zebra collection you can choose either a little or a lot of zebra pattern.  Or, you could push the envelope with the silver skort.

“I wanted to stop apologizing for wearing my golf attire,” explains Tracey.  All the pieces are designed to be worn to the course and everywhere else “because today’s women are busy and they need clothing that fits their life, not the other way around,”  she says.

With a renewed focus on the quality of her life, Tracey thrilled to be designing golf apparel and is currently planning on expanding with an activewear line.  “The response to the clothing has been so great that it seems like the natural progression.”

You can see and purchase Tracey’s line at


Images courtesy of Tracey Lynn Golf.   © 2012 Tracey Lynn Golf, LLC.  All rights reserved.


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2 Responses to Tracey Lynn’s Founder Triumphs in Golf and in Life

  1. Brian Allman April 11, 2012 at 11:51 AM #

    I love Tracey’s spirit and it shows in her design work. She’s a passionate entrepreneur and always supportive in growing the game of women’s golf. Go Tracey Go…

  2. Elizabeth April 11, 2012 at 11:57 AM #

    So true!

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