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Lizzie Driver

Lizzie Driver Takes Golf Fashion by Storm

The last few years have seen a surge of new women’s golf fashion designers, most of whom were tired of not having golf apparel that fit their bodies or their style. While sadly quite a few of them have not weathered the first few years of business, there always seems to be a diamond in the mix that seems to has all the luck and talent to succeed. Lizzie Driver is that jewel.

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golf dress

Golf Apparel that Makes You Slimmer

We’ve all been there. On the first tee and wishing you had done a few more crunches that morning or the day before, just in case your top creeps up and shows your belly to the foursome, or worse yet, the gallery. Three friends had similar nightmares of muffin tops and decided to do something about it by creating a more shapely line of women’s golf clothing.

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