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After years of saying “No, you can’t buy these beautiful golf clothes on my site,”  I am happy to say that now you can. is open! Currently, we are featuring the amazing designs of Toby Tucker Golf, Lizzie Driver, and Elizabeth Roberts, just to name a few.  There will also be pre-sales of new collections, starting with Lizzie Driver next month.  So stay tuned for more amazing women’s golf fashion!

I’ve been asked a lot about how I choose the designers.  It’s a tough decision sometimes, but there is a method to the madness.  I thought I would share the principles I use to help me decide.

  • All of the golf clothes are made by women for women.   I also love a great reinvention story where someone has changed the direction of her life by turning a passion into a new venture.  So, all of the designers have that in common too (along with great taste).
  • All of these garments are meant to be worn on the course and off.  I am a picky shopper, as I know many of you are.  I like to make sure that what I do buy works well in my wardrobe with other outfits, whether it’s a rain jacket or a polo.  These clothes fit that bill.
  • I love to celebrate clothes that are made in America.  There will probably always be an exception to this one, but I’ll let you know.
  • I believe that people are more confident when they are know they look great.  All of the clothes we sell have an extraordinary attention to detail, and exceptional fit and quality that help you look and feel your best.

Thus far it’s been a great success, so thank you for your support because I wouldn’t be here without you.  Enjoy!

Copyright images Toby Tucker Golf.  All rights reserved.

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One Response to Shi Shi Putter Opens Shop

  1. Danielle Tucker March 23, 2013 at 7:30 AM #

    Thank you for creating the buy from your site option.
    I’ll start here when I’m looking for beautiful clothes I can wear to the course and to the office without looking like I’m wearing golf clothes!

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