Belen Mozo Dishes on Beauty, Love, and Her Golf Game

belen mozo

Spanish LPGA sensation Belen Mozo is barely 24-years old and already turning heads. Not only is she gorgeous but her golf game isn’t too bad either. Mozo’s length off the tee drives the ball 260 yards and her creativity with shots are what make her a rising athlete to keep on your radar.

Some may remember Mozo from ESPN the Magazine’s The Body Issue as a rookie in 2011 (enough said) or when she and fellow Spaniard Azahara Munoz took over the Golf Channel’s production truck at the ShopRite LPGA Classic.  Prior to joining the LPGA, Mozo became the first woman since 1972 to win both the Women’s British Amateur Championship and British Girls Amateur Championship in the same year (2006). She went on to graduate from UCLA four years later with an International Relations degree, where she was also a four-time NCAA All-American.

You can find Belen kicking it on Tour with style sporting ECCO shoes, Greg Norman apparel, (she’s a sponsored staff player) and her winning smile. But how does she always look so flawless? In the midst of her busy schedule, she caught up with me to chat about her some of her personal beauty tips and other interesting topics.

SSP: So what was it like for you posing in The Body Issue?
BM: I had seen a picture of Camilo Villegas who also posed for the issue. To me, it portrayed the sacrifice athletes make to have the bodies we have and the hard work that goes into it.

SSP: If you weren’t a professional golfer, where do you think you’d be doing right now?
BM: I think I would have become a fashion designer or an architect. I love fashion!

SSP: Who is your biggest inspiration?
BM: My mother, Isabel.  She introduced me to golf at a very young age and always taught me the values of hard work and sacrifice.  In golf, Tiger Woods is definitely my biggest inspiration.

SSP: Tell me about one of the coolest experiences you’ve had?
BM: Traveling to New Zealand and cuddling a cheetah!

SSP: I’ve heard you date a Colombian tennis player – how do you manage a serious relationship and a demanding career?
BM: It can be difficult because we both travel so much but he understands because he’s in a similar profession. We met in college so we’ve had a connection since before either of us went pro and we really try to maintain that.

SSP: Now, aside from golf, can you share some of your most important beauty tips that keep you looking so good on and off the course?
BM: Sure. Well for starters, I don’t wear much makeup. When I’m playing in the heat all day my makeup seems to melt off by the end of a tournament. I do apply a small amount of Bobbi Brown powder foundation with a little blush on my cheeks to brighten up my face. I also wear mascara but it has to be waterproof in case I win and start to cry!

SSP: Speaking of the heat, how do you protect your skin from the blistering sun all day?
BM: Well I’m usually wearing a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes and it makes for a cute accessory. As for sunscreen, I always apply a moisturizer and at least 25 SPF. I swear by my Vichy 50 or La Roche-Posay. I also can’t live without my Clinique Intensive Lip Treatment that I wear at all times, especially when I’m playing outside. If my lips start to get a little chapped, I’ll apply Aquaphor before bed, too.

SSP: Now you have gorgeous long, blonde locks. Is there anything special you do for your hair?
BM: Not really, I try to air dry it as often as possible. Staying away from a blow dryer and most importantly a flat iron is what keeps it looking so healthy.

You can follow Belen on Twitter @BelenMozo and her official Facebook page at

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